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We’re excited to bring  you an authentic  group travel experience that explores and celebrates your Black Heritage.

We’ve handpicked our excursions and tried them out ourselves so we can deliver  you an affordable and unique group travel package  that  meets  your needs as Travellers of African Heritage.

Our tailored group Package Holidays will provide you with fun and relaxation as well as immerse you in local culture, wildlife and history for a truly authentic holiday.

Explore The World With Us

Fall In Love With The Gambia

Join us for our 10 day Gambia experience. Walk on amazing beaches, experience authentic African culture and  be warmed by a tropical sun. Make friends and share your amazing experiences with  like minded travel seekers. Your package includes;

Help is on Hand

Team members and local experts will always be available during your amazing holiday to ensure things run smoothly.

Authentic Cultural Experience

We go the extra mile to find hidden gems that immerse you in the local community. Our wide variety of inclusive trips also allow you to support the local community.

Group and Solo Travellers Together

We think it’s important that you have space to be yourself, but also have an opportunity to make friends, have fun and share great moments with fellow travellers.

Make Friends & Memories For Life

Making sure Everyone Feels Safe & Included

We understand that prejudices can exist in some holiday locations, that’s why we carefully research and handpick destinations  that suit our needs as Black and dual  heritage travellers.

We want you to feel comfortable, welcome and included.

We started One Sky Travel, to provide unique holiday packages that are affordable and inclusive without compromising on quality. Most importantly, people of African heritage get to meet, make friends and travel as a group.

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