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At One Sky Travel, we’ve crafted a unique group holiday experience that offers the perfect opportunity to see this beautiful, tropical country in a safe and fun way – an opportunity that won’t cost you the earth. 

With The Gambia package, you will be able to enjoy a 10 day adventure. Together you will explore and celebrate  this country’s heritage and traditions and create unforgettable memories. It is home to beautiful beaches, bustling cities and breath-taking natural beauty.  Come with us to explore a rich and ancient culture. The Gambia is a must-see  holiday destination and  extremely popular as a place to live, buy land  and settle for the Black diaspora from America and the UK . If you’ve always wanted to go…. now’s your chance!

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Where you’ll stay

When it comes to accommodation, we want to make sure you feel truly relaxed and comfortable during your trip to Gambia. So, we’ve selected a good hotel that offers excellent amenities  at a beautiful beachfront location, close to nightlife, bars and restaurants.

Throughout your 10-day holiday in Gambia (excluding the  overnight Village Tour), you’ll be staying bed and breakfast at the Senegambia Beach Hotel which offers;

  • Private beach
  • Outdoor freshwater pools
  • Spa treatments
  • Spa facilities
  • Onsite restaurants and bars
  • Wi-Fi
  • Nature walks in the grounds

Why travel to Gambia with us?

  • A boat trip to explore the beautiful coastline
  • A glimpse into Gambian village life
  • A hands-on traditional craft experience
  • A visit to a rural lodge
  • A meet-and-greet with local children and teachers.
  • Relaxation on beautiful beaches
  • A chance to see local wildlife up close and personal
  • Shopping trips to local markets

A sneak peek at some of The Gambia excursions

If you love rustic locations and real-life travel, then our village adventure to the Lower River Region will be just the ticket.

You will enjoy an overnight stay in a quaint eco lodge bordering the river Gambia, before heading to a traditional Gambian village. This exclusive trip takes you into the heart of Gambia’s rural community, where you’ll receive a warm welcome.

We’ll take you to the village school to meet the children and teachers, as well as see the village mosque, traditional houses and community gardens. You can even try your hand at local crafts, such as basket weaving and pottery. Evening entertainment will also be provided with a traditional performance.

We’re also passionate about giving something back to this welcoming community. We donate money from every booking to the village to fund an additional water borehole for the school, as there’s currently only one source of water for the whole village.

The Gambia has a painful historical connection with the enslavement of our ancestors.  On our Kunta Kinteh Island tour we go by land and river, retracing the experience of Mandinka warrior, Kunta Kinteh, whose story was made world famous by Alex Hayley’s book, ‘Roots’.

We visit the villages of Juffureh and Albreda where Kunteh Kinteh was born and then go onto Kunta Kinteh Island – a former transit point for many of our ancestors. This trip offers the chance for both reflection and healing as we take in the abundance of sights and sounds along the way.

During the trip, you’ll discover the harrowing stories of slavery, with a tour of the island and a trip to a small local museum. There will also be the opportunity to support the local community by buying local crafts.

The All-In-One Tour has something for everyone. Packed with a whole host of activities, we’ll take you on an exciting journey through some of Gambia’s most interesting tourist sights.

Haggle to your heart’s content and shop for souvenirs amongst the hustle and bustle of the Serekunda and Abuko markets. Get up close and personal with the hungry reptiles at Kachikally Crocodile Pool, then continue your travels by Jeep through villages, taking in the wildlife and scenery along the way, before arriving for a snack at an eco-lodge frequented by locals.

And that’s all before lunch at Paradise Beach, after which we will take a trip to a real-life oyster farm and the infamous and ‘fragrant’ Tanji fish market. It’ll be a day full of fun, sunshine, and adventure!

🛍️ :
Shopping Trip

For those travellers who love to shop, we can also arrange for a guided experience with a local maker where you can have beautiful, bespoke outfits tailored to your requirements. This activity comes with an additional fee.

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Designed to give you a real sense of what The Gambia is about, The Gambia package is a 10-day group travel package, which includes the following:

  • Return Flights
  • Hotel Transfers
  • Hotel accommodation (bed and breakfast)
  • Visits to multiple destinations.
  • 15kg hold luggage allowance
  • Holiday is for 18+

Not included in the package price:

  • Food and Drinks
  • Airport Fees and Taxes
  • Insurance


What’s the weather like in The Gambia?

Gambia has a sub-tropical climate, with sunny days and temperatures rarely dipping below 30 C for most of the year.

There are two distinct seasons to be aware of when travelling to The Gambia: the dry season and the wet season.

The dry season typically runs from November through to June, boasting warm, sunshine-filled days that are perfect for exploring the numerous sights.

The wet season usually begins in July and continues through to October, bringing an abundance of rain and humidity that restores the lush greenery.

Are there any Airport and Security Fees?

On entering and exiting The Gambia, you’ll have to pay a mandatory Airport Security Fee of £20 or the equivalent in Euros, or Gambian Dalasi. This fee can be paid in cash at designated kiosks in Banjul International Airport.

How long is the flight?

The flight is a very comfortable six hours, leaving Manchester Airport at lunchtime.

Do you need a visa to travel to The Gambia?

As British Nationals, you need a valid passport for the duration of your stay. You won’t need to apply for a visa before you travel to Gambia though, as your trip duration is less than 28 days. On arrival into The Gambia, the passport authorities will give you a 28-day stamp in your passport to approve your stay. This can be extended by an additional 28 days from the Immigration Office in Banjul or the Tourist Police Stations in the Tourism Development Areas.

Always check your passport and other travel documents before you travel. If you’re unsure whether you meet the above requirements, you may need to renew your passport. You can find the most up-to-date information on entry requirements and travel regulations for The Gambia here or you can contact The Gambian embassy.

Is it safe to travel to The Gambia?

Yes, The Gambia is considered a safe tourist destination for all travellers.

However, as with any country, there are risks involved when you’re a tourist, so be sure to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to avoid putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Are there any COVID-19 restrictions in The Gambia?

Since 13th December 2022, The Gambia have removed all COVID-19 travel restrictions.

This means, travellers are no longer required to provide:

– proof of being fully vaccinated
– proof of a negative COVID-19 Test.

What additional costs will I be expected to pay?

Except for breakfast at the hotel, all food and drinks will be paid for by you. The hotel and the locations we visit will all have restaurants and places to purchase food and other refreshments.

In addition, you’ll be expected to pay for your own travel insurance, airport fees and taxes as none of these are included in the price for The Gambia 2023 trip.

What language do they speak in The Gambia?

The official language of The Gambia is English, but other local languages, such as Wolof and Mandinka are widely spoken.

What's the currency in The Gambia?

The local currency is the Gambian Dalasi (GMD).


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